Forms and Templates

Forms and Templates

The following files can be downloaded. The Word files can be edited to include school/local authority logos and links to their processes and procedures.

Forms and TemplatesDownload Link
National Pathway for the identification of dyslexiaPDF
Establishing Needs Form 1Word
Establishing Needs Form 2Word
Pupil ChecklistWord
Parental Checklist (school and families working together to complete this can be very helpful)Word
Dyslexia Checklist – Early CfE levelWord
Dyslexia Checklist – First and Second CfE LevelWord
Dyslexia Checklist – Third, Fourth and Senior CfE LevelWord
Scottish Dyslexia Planning ToolWord
Collaborative Assessment Summary form 3Word
Holistic Assessment Collation FormWord

Gaelic (GME)

Gaelic National Pathway for the identification of Dyslexia PDF

Gaelic Establishing Needs Form 1 Word

Gaelic Establishing Needs Form 2 Word

Gaelic Scottish Dyslexia Planning Tool Word

Gaelic Pupil Check List Word

Literacy Circles

Writing Circle – SummaryPDF
Reading Circle – Summary Planning ToolPDF