Gaelic Medium Education

The possibility of dyslexia for children who are in Gaelic medium education will be just as relevant as it is for children in single language environments. However, the fact that the child is learning to operate in two different phonological and written language systems could be a complicating factor, and close investigation should be done before reaching conclusions. This may require focused attention to phonology in both languages. For most children English will be their home language, so consideration needs to be given to English language skills as well as Gaelic. However, the most important factor is to ensure that targeted teaching and support is given so that any gap that exists between the child and his or her peer group is not allowed to grow without close monitoring, liaison with parents and agreed strategies to support the child’s development of literacy skills.

Resources and information is available on the Education Scotland National Improvement Hub

Primary One Literacy Assessment and Action Resource (POLAAR) for Gaelic Medium Education | Events | News and events | Education Scotland

New Gaelic forms have been added to Forms and Template page to support the identification of dyslexia in Gaelic Medium Education

Additionally Gaelic support material modelled on Sylvia Russell’s Phonic Code Cracker material is available to help support children in Gaelic medium education. This can be used to give practice in phonic skills and can be downloaded from the Resources section – ‘Downloads – Gaelic Code Cracker – Fuaimean Feumail’ at each level of Curriculum for Excellence.

Free Gealic language digital voice  – Ceitdh –

Fuaimean Feumail – Phonic worksheets 

Information: The following worksheets were created by Mairead Monk (Glasgow Gaelic School) and are based on work created by Peggy Ann Campbell and her pupil support assistant, R MacInnes, (Breasclete School, Lewis) to support pupils with Gaelic phonics.

Click to download.

Fuaimean Còmhla – Structured Phonics programme

Information: a resource to support learners in Gaelic written by Peggy Ann Campbell.

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Literacy support software

Penfriend – this Word prediction programme predicts in Gaelic and other European languages (also available on a USB pendrive).