Post School

Post School Transition

The transition from secondary school to post school can be daunting for young people with dyslexia and their families. In cases where dyslexia is a significant additional support need, transition planning must begin no later than 12 months before they leave school and it is often the case that transition support begins earlier as highlighted in the 2017 Code of Practice (3rd edition)

 The Scottish Government aims to ensure that all young people have a positive destination and a range of professionals work with schools to support this.

It is very important that the assessment information gathered by staff in school over the years is given to the young person and they understand the value of the report so they can use this when discussing their support needs in post school situations. 

Post School Identification and Support

The criteria involved in providing a post school identification of dyslexia is different from a young person who is attending school in Scotland, therefore it is important that the information gathered at school is made available to the young person before leaving.

Post school Independent Assessments are carried out by practitioners who hold specific qualifications which are not required for teachers in Scottish schools. Independent assessors usually charge for this service.

Employers are not obliged to help with the cost of an assessment but often recognise the benefits an assessment can have for the company and their employee. Support in the workplace is available through the Access to Work programme, arranged through the Job Centre.

Students in Further or higher education

Colleges and Universities have a duty under the UK wide Equality Act 2010 to make ‘reasonable adjustments’, to ensure that students with disabilities are not placed at a disadvantage in comparison to non-disabled students. 

This is an anticipatory duty which means that education providers should continually review and anticipate the general needs of disabled people, rather than simply waiting until an individual requests a particular adjustment. 

Students might also be able to apply for the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA), through Student Award Agency Scotland (SAAS). An assessment is required to access the grant funding. The assessment has to meet a set of criteria and must be carried out by appropriately qualified practitioners – Educational Psychologists or dyslexia specialists.

An Independent Assessment is not required prior to course entry at college or university, particularly if an appropriate assessment has been carried out in school by a qualified individual.  If an assessment has been carried out in school, and updated around the age of 16, then some Universities will accept that as proof of dyslexia without the need for any independent, paying assessment.  If an assessment is not in place prior to the start of the course this can lead to a delay in support and assessment arrangements being in place. 

In summary the entitlement to assessment and identification of dyslexia differs between school and post school due to the different systems which have been developed for different settings and age groups. It is advisable to contact the college or university in advance to find out what their procedures are. 

Introduction to Dyslexia and Inclusive Practice Module

This introductory module aims to provide practitioners who work in a CLD setting (post school) with an improved awareness of what dyslexia is, its impact, how it is assessed in different contexts and how it can be supported within an inclusive learning environment.

It is anticipated that the module will take between 2 – 3 hours to complete, depending on prior knowledge and the depth of learning undertaken.

The module has been developed and written by a collaborative partnership between Education Scotland, Dyslexia Scotland and the CLD Standards Council Scotland with support from the Specific Learning Difficulties Forum. 

Please click the link below to access this course on the Open University website.  It is available to anyone to complete and is free of charge.