Commercial Assessments

The identification of dyslexia should be a collaborative and child centred process which is supported by the wide range of information available through Curriculum for Excellence.

Schools and local authorities decide on how to deliver the curriculum and which assessment resources to use to support learners.  Questions concerning which resources to use to support the identification of dyslexia are frequently sent to the Toolkit working group. To support staff, a list below has been highlighted as resources which have been shared with the working group since 2010. However, please note that:

  • Standardised assessments alone will not provide the wider profile of the learner
  • The toolkit working group supports the use of collaborative assessment, not a single standardised assessment and are not recommending or endorsing any particular commercial resource
  • The list of commercial assessments is available to download. Please note that the assessments are not in any order of preference.

Practitioners are able to evaluate these resources for themselves and establish the most appropriate materials for the individual needs of learners as there is no ‘one size fits all’.