Welcome – this free resource provides information for teachers, schools and local authorities on inclusive practice, literacy difficulties and dyslexia. The Toolkit guides users through a child-centred, collaborative process of identification, assessment, support and monitoring of dyslexia.

GTCS Guidance – ‘Meeting the Needs of Dyslexic Learners’.

SQA Assessment Arrangements – click here to watch a filmed workshop. Dawn Roberts, PTC Support for learning in Fife Council, supports pupils and encourages the use of ICT and adaptations to the curriculum throughout her secondary school from S1. This allows to pupils in the senior phase to make full use of their SQA Assessment Arrangements. One of Dyslexia Scotland’s Young Ambassadors, Innes Roberts, also shares his experiences in the recording.

Supporting Learners and Families

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Assessing and Monitoring

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Professional Development

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