A toolkit for the identification and support
of learners exhibiting literacy difficulties

Initial Steps

Assessing dyslexia and providing appropriate support are symbiotic processes. The following headings will guide you through the process of identifying literacy difficulties, providing support and then establishing if the difficulties are likely to be due to dyslexia. Considering the following areas can be helpful when establishing the needs of learners and dyslexia.  Information applicable to Curriculum for Excellence levels are within each area.

Unidentified, dyslexia can lead to low self-esteem and behavioural problems. It is important therefore to ensure the child is appropriately supported throughout the process of identification and assessment.

CfE level Stage
Early The final two years of early learning and childcare before a child goes to school and P1, or later for some.
First To the end of P4, but earlier or later for some.
Second To the end of P7, but earlier or later for some.
Third & Fourth

S1 to S3, but earlier or later for some. The Fourth Level broadly equates to Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework level 4.

The Fourth Level experiences and outcomes are intended to provide possibilities for choice and young people's programmes will not include all of the Fourth Level outcomes.
Senior S4 to S6, and college or other means of study.

Download Curriculum for Excellence: Literacy - Experiences and Outcomes here.

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Other Factors to Consider