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Ability to understand an use a range of appropriate vocabulary.
Using language appropriate to the purpose of the writing to engage the reader. Learners should also demonstrate a firm grasp of subject and topic specific vocabulary.
Areas of concern Strategies, resources and links within the Addressing Dyslexia Toolkit and to external sites
Does the learner possess the expected range of vocabulary for age and stage? Encourage lots of discussion and conversation – plan for conversation times.
Provide word banks
Encourage the use of new words
Games to introduce new words
Is there a discrepancy between the learners written and oral vocabulary? Ensure that the learner has an opportunity to demonstrate their cognitive ability and that the barrier to this is not the act of writing.
Curriculum accessibility - Accessibility Strategy Guidelines - http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2014/10/8011
Encourage the use if IT http://www.addressingdyslexia.org/pages/index.php?category=37
Make audio recordings of learners
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