A toolkit for the identification and support
of learners exhibiting literacy difficulties

Commercially Available Resources

Schools and local authorities determine the approaches and resources they use to support their learners.

The following resources have been highlighted as resources which have been shared with the working group since it was launched in 2010 and as questions concerning which resources to use are frequently asked this list has been included. Please note that the Toolkit working group is not recommending or endorsing any particular resource and the list is not in any order of preference. Practitioners are able evaluate these resources for themselves and establish the most appropriate materials for the individual needs of learners as there is no ‘one size fits all'.

Fine Tuning

Authors: Barsch, R.H.
Information: An auditory-visual programme to improve listening skills for learners who struggle to follow instructions
Further information: www.annarbor.co.uk

School Sparks

Information: Ideas to help develop skills necessary for understanding language – listening, auditory processing and following directions.
Further information: www.schoolsparks.com


Sound Out Listening Skills Programme

Authors: Kimmell, G.M.
Information: Activities for children with auditory perceptual difficulties.
Further information: www.annarbor.co.uk